Grandmaster Kevin Brown

Grandmaster Kevin Brown is an 8th Degree Black Belt and has been involved in Martial Arts since 1973. He brought Hapkido to the Northern Beaches in 1985 and has been teaching ever since.

He is a Master Instructor and was a past President & Technical Director of the Australian Hapkido Association for 23 years. Grandmaster Brown has now founded his own organisation, the Master Brown Hapkido Alliance.

Over the years Grandmaster Brown has run many women self defence courses, school programs and courses for troubled youth through the local police.

Grandmaster Brown has won numerous tournaments in self defence demonstration and was the Australian Hapkido Grand Champion in 1985. He and his team also won the gold medal for self defence at the 1st World Yongmudo Championships in Korea in 2007. Grandmaster Brown has also appeared many times in martial arts magazines and was on the cover of Australasian TKD and Blitz Magazines in 1999, when he was voted Blitz Instructor of the year 1999.